In the last few decades, June has become the busiest month for jazz in New York City, home to the biggest jazz scene in the world. But who is actually going to these shows? A small team of Bloggers Supreme has been attending the festivities — primarily, the CareFusion Jazz Festival New York. In between our reports on various goings-on, we'll be talking to the some of the people who are actually in the audience. We start off every conversation with the simple question: how did you hear about this show? And be sure to check out more of our Meet The Jazz Audience series. —Ed.

Joyce Glasgow, 59
Performer: The Jazz Gallery All-Stars
Venue: Symphony Space (Upper West Side)
Event: CareFusion Jazz Festival New York
Date: Friday, Jun. 18, 2010

Joyce Glasgow
Josh Jackson

Joyce Glasgow of Seattle, Wash.

How did you find out about this concert? I write, take pictures, and publish things in theSeattle Gay News and on my website. I was lucky enough to be in New York and I had attended the JVC Festival, which used to be happening at this time. Last year it didn't happen.

So I've been perusing the program. I picked some of the smaller things. I know that all of these musicians are wonderful musicians, and I thought it would be nice to hear them in one setting. And I've never heard Pedro Martinez, and I've been hearing good things about him.

What did you think of the show? I thought overall the concert was very good. I was disappointed that Roy Hargrove wasn't there at the end, but sometimes these things happen. I thought it was a little long to be sitting without an intermission. I was starting to get tired, and that was affecting the way I was enjoying the music.

This space sometimes is a little live for me. I prefer a more intimate space — club settings and small places where it's intimate and you're close to the musicians and they're not as spread out. But I thought it was a good concert.

How did you get into jazz? I've always loved jazz since I was an adult. In my early twenties, it seems like I was just drawn to it. I don't consider myself a total expert on jazz. I love jazz because of the improvisational nature of it, because of the freedom of expression, unpredictability and the high-intensity energy of it. It just feels like a very pure form of music, a very shared form of music. All the musicians are interacting all the time, and when it's right, it's so beautiful and so energizing.