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From the Archives- Comedienne Joan Rivers' Rare Seattle Appearance

From the Archives-

Comedienne Joan Rivers’ Rare Seattle Appearance

Joan Rivers, with opener, Peter Greyy

Triple Door, Friday, February 13th, 2009, 7:00 and 9:30 shows

By E. Joyce Glasgow, www.artsandculturescene.com

*This article first appeared as a preview for Joan River’s performances at The Triple Door, in 2009, in The Seattle Gay News, Arts and Entertainment Section. Now that I have my own website, I am re-publishing articles and photos from my archives. The information about the artists and venues is as valid now as it was before in learning more about the artists and venues.*

The entertainment world’s Renaissance woman, Joan Rivers, www.joan.co, not only pushes the edges with her funny, brash, no- holds- barred stand up comedy routines, but is also a best- selling author, screenwriter, playwright, film director, columnist, radio and television talk show host, film and theatre actor, jewelry and cosmetics designer, red-carpet fashion expert (with her daughter, Melissa Rivers), lecturer, recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Emmy and two honorary doctorates, and is a mother and grandmother.

Rivers will be bringing her stand up routine to the Triple Door for a rare Seattle appearance, with two shows on Friday, February 13th, 2009.

The daughter of Russian immigrants, Rivers was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and paid her performance dues for years, playing the Borscht Belt and small cabarets in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Her first appearance on “The Tonight Show”, with Johnny Carson in 1965 sparked her career and since, over the years, she has risen to international prominence and success.

Rivers fearlessly roasts everyone imaginable in her routines, from Madonna to Mother Theresa and counts the loyal audience support of the Gay and Lesbian communities as having a great deal to do with catapulting her success.

She is completely open about her numerous plastic surgeries and uses the subject as part of her routine and is a fashion maven, always on the “best- dressed” lists, wherever she appears.

Rivers is a quick -witted and very un-politically correct and irreverent funny woman and who knows who’ll get skewered in her Seattle shows at the Triple Door on Friday the 13th!

Opening for Joan Rivers will be Seattle stand-up comedian, Peter Greyy.

For tickets to Joan Rivers’ shows and more information about up-coming events at the Triple Door visit: www.thetripledoor.net.

See the funny and irreverent Ms. Joan Rivers in the video below.

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