Monday, February 9, 2015

Chamber Music America 37th Annual National Conference, Westin Hotel, NYC, January 15-18, 2015

By E. Joyce Glasgow,

Chamber Music America held its 37th annual National Conference in NYC, January 15-18, 2015. This is a great organization that is very supportive of musicians and commissions original compositions by artists each year, including both classical and jazz compositions and is a great champion to jazz composers. Each year, along with music industry panels and an exhibitors’ hall, the conference features two days of excellent musical showcases and a free Sunday concert of commissioned pieces open to the public. Many commissioned pieces incorporate elements of jazz and contemporary chamber or world music together. 

Below are videos of some of the wonderful professionals who performed during this year’s musical showcases and concert. The showcases and concert are my favorite reasons for attending and I usually learn about some great groups that I haven’t had a chance to hear before. 

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Andy Milne and Dapp Theory:

Fabian Almazan's Rhizome Project:

Don Byron's New Gospel Quintet:

Dali Quartet:

Neave Trio:

Asylum Quartet:

Sirius Quartet:

Axiom Brass:

Beijing Guitar Duo:

New Morse Code:

Steve Wilson/Lewis Nash Duo:

Calmus Ensemble:

Ted Rosenthal Trio:

The Westerlies:

Aeolus Quartet:

Vida Guitar Quartet:

Momenta Quartet:

Zodiac Trio:

Marty Ehrlich Ensemble:

Duo Scorpio:

Chris Dingman's Waking Dreams:

Cassatt String Quartet (unable to attend due to weather):

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