Sunday, April 21, 2019

Fridge Art Fair Returns to the Nu Hotel, "Fridge Does Frida", Brooklyn, New York, April 30th-May 5th, 2019

Photo credits: E. Joyce Glasgow,

The Fridge Art Fair New York 2019 returns to the Nu Hotel, 85 Smith Street, Brooklyn New York, April 30th through May 5th, 2019. Visit for details.This year's theme is "Fridge does Frida", in honor of the Frida Kahlo exhibit running concurrently at the Brooklyn Art Museum. The Fridge was founded by painter, Eric Ginsburg, who produces it each year in Miami and New York City. Over thirty five independent artists will display their work, in all mediums, in the Nu Hotel lobby and other areas of the building. This is a fun, funky and casual art fair where one can just sit down, have something to eat or drink in the lobby bar and just enjoy hanging out and being surrounded by colorful and lively art and conversation. The "Fridge", "TEFAF", "Other", "Moniker", "Superfine!" and "Frieze" Art Fairs all take place during this first week of May, 2019 in New York City. Photos from last year's Fridge Art Fair NYC, 2018 at the Nu Hotel, Brooklyn, follow below.
A portion of the Nu Hotel lobby, the front window, filled with art by Anais Laurent and others. Fridge Art Fair 2018

American painter and author, Anais Laurent, traveled from her home in Avignon, France to display her artwork at the Fridge Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY, 2018. Here she is taking advantage of a balmy spring day to do some painting out of doors, during the show. She combines luscious inks and watercolors to create fluid, intuitive abstract paintings. Fridge artist, Dylan Green is seen drawing in the background at another outdoor table.

Eric Ginsberg, (L.) painter, founder and curator of the Fridge Art Shows in New York and Miami is pictured here with artist and art curator, Natalie Fisk, (R.) for the Nu Hotel, Brooklyn NY, where the Fridge Art Fair 2018 was held and where the 2019 Fridge returns to. The Nu Hotel also engages local artists to create murals and other art year round for their hotel rooms and lobby. The hotel's changing art on display is an integral and intimate part of the character of this small, casual boutique hotel.
Artist and Fridge founder , Eric Ginsburg, is known for his dog and cat portraits, which capture the sweet spirits of their subjects.
Ginsberg also captures the playful and whimsical nature of dogs and cats in his free and bold approach to painting.
In celebration of David Bowie, as the Fridge NYC 2018 theme, a duo of guitar and violin performed Bowie's music amongst the paintings one evening. The violinist also works at the hotel when he is not playing music.
Artist, Amanda Acosta, Co-Curator of the Fridge Art Fair, NY 2018, relaxing and enjoying the show, in the Nu Hotel lobby bar. 
Colorful acrylic paintings on canvas, by E. Joyce Glasgow, capturing themes inspired by Nature, at Fridge Fair NYC 2018
View of the lobby and visitors and artists relaxing amongst the paintings, Fridge NYC 2018.
Another view of the lobby and the many, varied, stylistically unique paintings around the room, Fridge NYC 2018
A piece by a Brazilian artist, who lives in Brooklyn NY at the Fridge NYC 2018

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